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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Finishworks do design work? We prefer to do complex projects in cooperation with professional, respectful interior designers and architects. If we have not worked with a designer before, we will interview and vet him or her to make certain that their style of communication and record of working relations with other contractors will be a good fit for us.

    We have also designed and built many successful kitchens and baths over the years—several of them published—and still take on such design work when the situation is right.

    Do you recommend architects? We will recommend with pleasure any of several AIA professionals whom we respect and want to work with again.

    Will you consider projects outside the Bay Area? We prefer to work within a fifty mile radius of San Francisco, since most of our resources—our subcontractors—are there. Occasionally, we have built or managed projects as far away as Los Angeles and Mendocino. If the specific conditions of a ‘distant' project might make our involvement desirable, we will consider it.

    What scale of projects do you do? We work exclusively on personal residences. Whether it's a makeover or a project from the ground up, we can build it.

    Are you painting contractors or furniture refinishers? Are you Finnish? Do you sell Fish? No, No, & No. We'll happily refer you to a good house painters or furniture repair shop. Helsinki is a great city full of fine people who know how to have a good time, among them some first-rate carpenters. But nope, we're not Finnish. As for really great fresh-caught salmon, try Moss Landing early in the AM.